HOME DESIGN                                                                                                                                          
We offer complete home design and are experienced in both small production homes as well as large, luxury custom homes. 

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS                                                                                                                  
Local city plan inspectors know and trust the Draftech name. With over 4 million square feet drawn to date, we understand current city codes not only in the Treasure Valley, but also in the foothills and Valley County areas. We pride ourselves in providing a fully detailed set of plans, "bid and permit ready". 

BUILDER SUPPORT                                                                                                                             Builder/contractor "model home support" is our specialty. We are able to manipulate, email and maintain all of your floor plans and give you quick site layouts of all your models in real time. We maintain strict confidentiality so you can feel safe knowing your designs are in good hands.  In this new era marketplace, builders must be quick to respond with fresh, cost effective home designs. New home buyers expect some degree of customization. We have tailored our business to respond quickly to these needs by providing conference space to access your plans, real-time plan changes, instant site fit checks, and 3D modeling. Most importantly we can turn these plan changes in a matter of days. Accurate construction documentation and quick turn-around is essential. We use the latest in CAD technology to produce construction documents of the highest standards. Additionally, a quality-control program ensures a high level of accuracy that gives the builder and his subcontractors confidence that the building process will flow easily.

3D MODELING                                                                                                                                        
We offer the latest in computer-aided drafting and design software with full 3D modeling and rendering. You will be able to "walk" through each room before you build it, giving you a full visual of your new home in 3D computer animation. We can even rotate your home right in front of you so you can see every aspect. 

RENDERINGS AND ILLUSTRATIONS                                                                                                          
Using the latest software, we can create colorful, detailed renderings and floor plan marketing materials. 

The time will come when a home needs updating. We offer remodeling and home addition services including plan sets. We will give you expert advice on your new project with current code and setback requirements.